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11 Alive Atlanta 5/11/2007
Canadian Gas prices Rising CTV/Canada AM Canada National 5/02/2007
Gas hits $3.25 in West Michigan WOOD TV8 GrandRapids 5/02/2007
Consumer group calls for probe into gas prices CBC Canada National 5/02/2007
gas prices CTV Canada National 5/01/2007
Gas Prices K-EYE TV Austin 4/29/2007
What Gas Stations Won't Tell You WYYF Channel 4 USA National 2/06/2007
'Terror-Free' Gas May Be Coming to a Street Near You ABCNEWS USA National 1/29/2007
Where to find lower gas prices on the internet. WKRG USA National 4/03/2006
St. Louis Gas Prices Fox 2 News USA National 4/03/2006
Website Helps Drivers Find Cheapest Gas WDAF/FOX4 USA National 2/22/2006
Where to find cheap gas Fox News USA National 2/06/2006
Cheap gas prices BCTV USA National 1/17/2006
Finding Cheap Gas Evening Magazine USA National 12/27/2005
Money Gouging at Pump ABC7 USA National 12/22/2005
About Gas Prices CNN Headline News USA National 12/02/2005
The Situation Room CNN USA National 11/25/2005
Gas Prices Channel One USA National 11/21/2005
Falling Gas Prices WSMV USA National 11/14/2005
Discusses High Gas prices CNBC - Power Lunch USA National 11/14/2005
Web Minute: Use Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas WTSB Tampa Channel 10 Tampa 8/29/2005
Gas prices across Canada CTV - Canada AM Canada National 8/04/2005
Ten sure ways to save money on gas NBC 10 Philly 7/27/2005
Gas prices on the web NBC Today Show USA National 7/12/2005
Where Can You Find Low Gas Prices? Baltimore 7/11/2005
$1.12 gas predicted by independent retailer CBC Vancouver 6/24/2005
CBS 11 FortWorth 5/25/2005
Morning Gas Price Advisory CH Hamilton Ontario 4/26/2005
Mentioned on morning news program KUTV SaltLake 4/26/2005
Gas Prices link to our site. WFMY TV 2 Greensboro 4/26/2005
Where to find the cheapest gas in the Triad Fox 8 News WGHP Greensboro 4/25/2005
Where to find the cheapest gas in town... CBS4 WFOR Miami 4/25/2005
Rising Gas Costs WSMV Tennessee 4/23/2005
Evening news WLFI 18 Indiana 4/22/2005
Showed our address on evening news. NBC SouthCarolina 4/20/2005
Mentioned on News WYFF SouthCarolina 4/20/2005
Web Site Tracks Gas Prices Through Volunteer Help-Evening News WYFF Channel 4 SouthCarolina 4/20/2005
Looking for the best gas prices in town? KSL TV Utah 4/20/2005
Midnight Thurday CNN Headline News USA National 4/19/2005
Cheap Gas WOAI - San Antonio SanAntonio 4/19/2005
Cheepest gas in town-Morning News WOAI - San Antonio SanAntonio 4/17/2005
Love at the Pump newscenter wsyx6; fox news 28 Columbus 4/17/2005
Morning News Channel One News Texas 4/14/2005
Evening news News 8 Austin Austin 4/13/2005
Gas prices on the web Good Morning America USA National 4/11/2005
Consumers can check gas prices from home Fox 2 News Detroit Michigan 2/07/2005
Gas Prices Spike In The Last Two Weeks WGAL News 8 Pennsylvania 2/07/2005
Kevin Frankish Gives Tips on Saving on Gas City TV Toronto 11/24/2004
Fill up on gas before prices rise ABC Good Morning America USA National 11/23/2004
Where To Find Cheap Gas Tech TV Canada National 11/12/2004
Paying too much for Gas? Good Morning AZ Channel 3 Phoenix 11/07/2004
Check on New Mexico Gas Prices KOAT 7 New Mexico Albuquerque 10/24/2004
New website to help you save money on gas Fox 17 WXMI Grand Rapids 9/07/2004
Fight High Prices By Finding Cheap Gas Prices NBC 4 District of Columbia 8/23/2004
Monitor Gas Prices CNN Financial San Jose 6/01/2004
Web Site of the Day - Dan Grisham KBMT Channel 6 Morning News Texas 5/25/2004
Stretching Your Gas Dollar - Evening News KING 5 News Tacoma 5/24/2004
Higher Gas Prices NBC Today Show USA National 5/13/2004
Online Gas Prices FOX News Columbus 5/09/2004
Go Online to Find Cheaper Gas Prices WISH-TV Channel 8 Indianapolis 5/09/2004
Morning News Topic Fox News Channel Portland 5/09/2004
Gas Prices Heading Higher CNN Headline News USA National 5/09/2004
Higher Gas Prices Channel 5 - Brenda Woods Atlanta 5/08/2004
Prices of cheapest gases and where to find them. UPN 17 Maine 4/21/2004
Nobody's Fuel CITY-TV Ontario 10/13/2003
Website to the Best Gas Prices Around WBNS (10 TV) Columbus 9/10/2003
Evening news KUSA (NBC) Denver 9/10/2003 Fox 31 Denver 9/10/2003
Houston Gas Prices Houston News 24 Houston 9/01/2003
Use the web to find cheap gas prices TechTV - TechLive News USA National 8/29/2003
Cheap gas in Atlanta WSB TV News Atlanta 8/28/2003
Labor Day Weekend Gas Deals CNN National News USA National 8/28/2003
Morning News- Gas Prices FOX 32 News Chicago 8/26/2003
Gas Prices in Idaho NBC News Idaho 8/26/2003
How to Save With Soaring Prices WLEX 18 Lexington 8/26/2003
Soaring gas prices WTVR Richmond 8/25/2003
Feeling pain at the pump? KABC7 TV Los Angeles 8/24/2003
Local Gas Prices WLKY Channel 32 Louisville 4/28/2003
Consumers Report - Gas Prices CFTO TV - CTV Toronto 4/28/2003
Why Pheonix is having to pay so much for gasoline? ABC 15 Phoenix 4/04/2003
Falling gasoline prices thanks to high crude oil volume CFTO-TV Channel 9 Toronto 3/23/2003
Gas prices hit new lows as analysts anticipate quick end to Iraqi war CFTO - CTV Toronto 3/21/2003
Cheap gas prices KTLA Channel 5 Los Angeles 3/20/2003
Gas prices CNN National 3/19/2003
Save on gas Channel 7 News Boston 3/18/2003
Ways to look for cheap gas CHANNEL 9 WGN Chicago 3/18/2003
Gas prices WFLD Fox 32 Chicago 3/18/2003
Pay Less at the Pump WHDH - Channel 7 Massachusetts 3/18/2003
Cheap gas KCNC News 4 - Denver Denver 3/16/2003
Gas prices CNN National 3/16/2003
Cheapest Gas in Town KUSI TV Channel 9 San Diego 3/16/2003
Gasoline Prices KVBC CHANNEL 3 Las Vegas 3/13/2003
Check out gas prices las vegas TV chanel 8 Las Vegas 3/12/2003
High gas prices KLAS-TV Nevada 3/12/2003
High gas prices NewsChannel 8, WFLA-TV Tampa 3/12/2003
Save on gas prices KSL Channel 5 Utah 3/12/2003
Find best gas prices KCOP Los Angeles 3/11/2003
High gas prices KCAL Orange County 3/11/2003
Gas Prices WKRC - Channel 12 Cincinnati 3/10/2003
Low Gas Prices UPN - Channel 13 Los Angeles 3/10/2003
High Gas Prices KTVB TV Idaho 3/07/2003
High Gas Prices KCAL TV Channel 9 Los Angeles 3/07/2003
Best Gas Prices KTLA-5 Los Angeles 3/06/2003
Lowest Gas Prices In Los Angeles KCAL TV Channel 9 Los Angeles 3/06/2003
Finding the cheapest gasoline channel 7 Los Angeles 3/05/2003
Gas price web sites KEYT TV Channel 3 Ventura 3/05/2003
Low Gas Prices, Financial News Segment KTLA 5 Los Angeles 3/04/2003
gas prices ABC Channel 15 Phoenix 3/03/2003
Best gasoline prices in the valley WTAE-TV Channel 2 Pittsburgh 3/01/2003
Gas prices rising in Boston area WHDH TV Channel 7 Boston 2/27/2003
AM Edition Fox 5 News District of Columbia 2/26/2003
To check gas prices in the area, log onto: WTTG Fox News Washington DC 2/26/2003
Gas price boycot CTV news Winnipeg 2/26/2003
Gas Prices around the Valley Fox News 15 Phoenix 2/25/2003
Buy gas where it is least expensive KSAZ-FOX Phoenix 2/25/2003
Cheapest Gas in Town Fox 10 Morning News Phoenix 2/25/2003
High gas prices Global Calgary 2/24/2003
Dramatic rise in gas prices KUSI-TV San Diego 2/24/2003
Gas Prices in Seattle King 5 Seattle 2/20/2003
Special links WHDH TV Massachusetts 2/19/2003
High gas prices WKMG Orlando 2/19/2003
Gas prices top $2 per gallon King 5 NBC TV Seattle 2/19/2003
Find lowest gasoline prices KBTX Texas 2/19/2003
Rising gas prices KLAS-TV Channel 8 Las Vegas 2/18/2003
Morning show FOX 5 Las Vegas 2/18/2003
Gas prices KPMG Channel 6 Orlando 2/18/2003
Evening news WB22 Raleigh 2/18/2003
The Today Show NBC USA National 2/18/2003
Evening news FOX 5 NEWS Las Vegas 2/17/2003
Gas Prices 11 Alive Atlanta 2/15/2003
Gas prices WILX TV 10 Jackson 2/14/2003
Evening news CBS 58 Milwaukee 2/14/2003
Evening news KUTV Salt Lake City 2/14/2003
Evening news WFLA TV Tampa 2/14/2003
Web Sightings Channel 8 News Austin 2/13/2003
Websightings Time Warner Cable News Austin 2/13/2003
Evening news Channel 3 Calgary 2/13/2003
Daily price check kmsp 9 Minnesota 2/13/2003
gas prices nbc12 Richmond 2/13/2003
News You Can Use KVOA Tucson 2/13/2003
Wake-up Call CNN USA National 2/13/2003
Gasoline prices WTAE-TV Pittsburgh 2/12/2003
Cheapest gas prices in Atlanta Channel 11 Atlanta 2/11/2003
Local News CKY Manitoba 2/11/2003
Gas prices WMUR New Hampshire 2/11/2003
Evening news KDKA Pittsburgh 2/11/2003
High gas prices KTBS (ABC) Shreveport 2/11/2003
Minnesota gasoline prices climb KSTP TV Twin Cities 2/11/2003
Gas prices Kare11 Twin Cities 2/11/2003
Gasoline Prices in DC area WUSA 9 Virginia 2/11/2003
High Gas prices KTBS TV Louisiana 2/10/2003
Newswatch WOUB/C-TV Ohio 2/05/2003
AG Day Fox 42 Omaha 2/01/2003
Evening news A-Channel Winnipeg 2/01/2003
Evening news KARE 11 Twin Cities 1/30/2003
GasBuddy Reveals Real-Time Lowest Vegas Gas Prices KLAS-TV Las Vegas 1/28/2003
Find Best Gas Prices In Western Pa. WTAE-TV Pittsburgh 1/22/2003
Best gas prices in town FOX 5 Atlanta 1/13/2003
cheap gas 11alive Atlanta 1/13/2003
Local gas prices (following uptic in fuel oil prices) WXIA - Channel 11 Atlanta 1/13/2003
Evening news CFCN Calgary 1/03/2003
Evening News WDAZ Channel 8 North Dakota 12/31/2002
Minnesota cheapest gas prices KSTP Minnesota 12/29/2002
Rising Gas Prices CFRN Edmonton 12/28/2002
Gas Prices Higher Than Last Thanksgiving News Channel 5 Tennessee 11/27/2002
Atlanta Gas Prices on the Decline WXIA-TV NBC 11 Atlanta 11/22/2002
Evening news CKY - Channel 5 Manitoba 10/26/2002
Evening news Global Television CKND Winnipeg 10/24/2002
Evening news WCCO-TV Twin Cities 10/23/2002
Evening news KOMU Missouri 10/22/2002
Midday news CKY - Channel 5 Winnipeg 10/22/2002
Evening news Global Television CKND Winnipeg 10/22/2002
Evening news CKY - Channel 5 Winnipeg 10/17/2002
EXTRA on gas pricing KARE-11 Twin Cities 9/10/2002
Gas prices WaveTV Louisville 9/03/2002
Evening news Channel Louisville 9/03/2002
Gas prices wkrc Cincinnati 8/30/2002
Pump & Circumstance Pulse 24 Toronto 7/31/2002
Evening News City TV Toronto 7/31/2002
Hatch wants more oversight of gas prices KSTP Channel 5 Twin Cities 7/25/2002
Find gas prices on the web WHAS channel 11 Louisville 7/18/2002
Congressional hearings on "inflated" gas prices NBC12 Richmond 4/30/2002
San Diego Gas Prices KFMB-TV Channel 8 San Diego 4/22/2002
Gas Prices Holding Steady, Expected To Rise ABC Channel 10 San Diego 4/22/2002
Evening news WCCO Twin Cities 4/05/2002
Who Has the Lowest Gas Prices in Charlotte? WBTV-3 Charlotte Charlotte 3/25/2002
Rising Gas Prices Kare 11 Twin Cities 3/25/2002
Gas prices on the rise KARE 11 Twin Cities 3/13/2002
Find Best Gas Prices In Western Pa WTAE-TV (The Pittsburgh Channel) Pittsburgh 3/08/2002
Dimension: Gas Prices WCCO Twin Cities 2/20/2002
Twin Cities gas prices drop KSTP 5 Twin Cities 12/14/2001
Evening News CKY News Winnipeg 12/06/2001
Good Day Minnesota KMSP 9 Twin Cities 11/21/2001
10 O'clock News A-Channel Winnipeg 11/21/2001
Price of Gasoline Drops as Holiday Travel Begins WHDH-TV Boston 11/20/2001
Find the Cheapest Gas Prices in New Orleans ABC 26 New Orleans 11/14/2001
Web Site Helps Battle High Gas Prices KOIN 6 Portland 11/13/2001
News Global TV - Calgary Calgary 10/22/2001
Almanac - Maybe it's the Platformate TPT Channel 2 Twin Cities 10/19/2001
Check The Cheap Gas List NewsNet5 Akron 10/11/2001
Gas prices stay low KSTP TV Twin Cities 10/10/2001
Check The Cheap Gas List Channel 5 Akron 10/01/2001
Evening news KARE 11 Twin Cities 9/28/2001
Plugged In Global TV - Saskatoon Saskatoon 9/08/2001
Evening news CKY TV - (CTV) Winnipeg 8/30/2001
Lowest Gas Prices in San Diego KSWB-TV - WB5 San Diego 8/09/2001
Evening news KSTP Twin Cities 7/20/2001
Morning news Global TV - Calgary Calgary 6/28/2001
Evening news CFCN-CTV Calgary 6/01/2001
Are Gas Prices Going Up Or Not Global TV - Calgary Calgary 6/01/2001
Evening News KSTP Twin Cities 5/22/2001
Evening news WMAQ Chicago 5/10/2001
Family Survival Kit KMSP Twin Cities 4/30/2001
Lowest Gas Prices in San Diego KSWB-TV - WB5 San Diego 4/27/2001
Evening news Global TV - Vancouver Twin Cities 4/26/2001
Evening news KSTP Twin Cities 4/23/2001

Print Media

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"Pinching Pennies at the Pump" and " A full tank means empty wallet" Star Tribune Twin Cities 3/12/2003
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Gasoline prices expected to keep climbing StarTribune Twin Cities 2/01/2003
Gasoline prices to keep climbing Star Tribune Twin Cities 2/01/2003
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A jump at the pump: Experts say low gasoline rates are going up Grand Rapids Press Grand Rapids 12/04/2002
Twin Cities gas prices soon may top off Startribune Twin Cities 10/25/2002
Price of gasoline here jumps 5 percent to a 12-month high St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper St. Louis 10/12/2002
Best Way to get gas Net Life Hamilton 9/26/2002
Gas prices 'fall' to $1.45 in Henderson Henderson Home News Las Vegas 9/26/2002
Labor Day gas prices are lower than 2001 The Courier-Journal Louisville 8/31/2002
Websitings (regular weekly column) Eugene Weekly Oregon 8/15/2002
MINNESOTA: Hatch: Gas prices elevated after 9/11 Pioneer Press Twin Cities 7/26/2002
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Carolinians on road to go up 1% Charlotte Observer Charlotte 7/03/2002
Iraq isn't the only fuel factor Pioneer Press Twin Cities 4/11/2002
Gas prices are on the rise Pioneer Press Twin Cities 4/05/2002
Gas prices on the rise -- again Star Tribune Twin Cities 4/05/2002
TWIN CITIES:A GALLON OF GAS: Gas prices are on the rise Pioneer Press Twin Cities 4/05/2002
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Some gas prices fall under $1 a gallon Pioneer Press Twin Cities 11/23/2001
Gas falls below $1 a gallon in some parts of metro area Star Tribune Twin Cities 11/22/2001
Gas prices Vancouver Sun Vancouver 11/18/2001
Low gas prices expected to carry into winter driving season Star Tribune Twin Cities 11/17/2001
Gas prices jump Thursday after post-Labor Day decline Star Tribune Twin Cities 10/19/2001
Gas prices continue decline because of abundant supplies Star Tribune Twin Cities 10/09/2001
Express Section: Money Saving Tips Pioneer Press Twin Cities 9/26/2001
Local gas prices fall 12 cents since Sept. 11 attack Star Tribune Twin Cities 9/25/2001
Oil falls on eased supply concerns The Globe and Mail Canada National 9/13/2001
Gas-buying frenzy subsides; AG warns against price gouging Star Tribune Twin Cities 9/13/2001
Twin Cities gas prices expected to fall Star Tribune Twin Cities 9/08/2001
Long Weekend Gas Price Hike Calgary Herald Calgary 9/03/2001
Twin Cities Gasoline Prices Soar Star Tribune Twin Cities 8/28/2001
Front Page Pioneer Press Twin Cities 8/28/2001
Gas prices give buddies a topic and a mission Chicago Tribune Chicago 8/23/2001
Pals' Web site throws net over wacky gas pricing Calgary Herald Calgary 8/16/2001
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Cheap-gas spotter posts prices online for benefit of others Los Angeles Daily News Los Angeles 6/25/2001
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Trend of rising gasoline prices takes a holiday Beacon News Chicago 5/30/2001
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Gas Prices Drive Many to Distraction Pioneer Press Twin Cities 5/20/2001
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Gas prices drive many to distraction Pioneer Press Twin Cities 5/18/2001
Jump at the Pumps Calgary Sun Calgary 5/11/2001
Keeping Tabs on Gas Star Tribune Twin Cities 5/10/2001
Letters to the editor Chicago Sun-Times Chicago 5/06/2001
Gas price marches toward $2 a gallon in the Twin Cities Star Tribune Twin Cities 5/05/2001


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